New CAR. Went with a WAGEN TDI.

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New CAR. Went with a WAGEN TDI.

Post by CateraMV6 on 8/1/2014, 11:35

About 1 year ago i switched jobs so my commute went from 12 miles one way to 55miles one way.  With that my catera was consuming an average of 2.5gal of fuel in one direction.  I would start the week on monday with full tank and will be compleetly empty by wednesday after the commute to work.  That equated to about 600$/mo in fuel costs not to mention tear and wear on the car with detroit pot holes.  

With that began the search of more fuel efficient vehicle.  

Requirements were:
1. Big trunk for when i go camping etc.  
2. above 35mpg fuel consumption.
3. Maybe a manual transmission.
4. 25,000$ price cap.

So with that the search began and i looked at Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Toyota Prius and a few Kias and VW Golf.
After test driving all the contenders i realized that I liked the Golf TDI the most since you get a DSG or 6spd Manual gear box.  
Priced it out and a loaded car was around 25k which hit all my markers perfectly.  Then i realized that the station wagon was only a bit more and came with standard heated seats and had a large panoramic sunroof and even larger trunk.  

So with that the search began.  

I priced out a Candy White 6spd TDI with panoramic roof, beige seats and no NAV.  Sticker price was 28,980$.  I managed to get it for 27,200 out the door.

Since i purchased it in May of 2013 i have put 30k miles and have been extremely happy with it.
Fuel millage has been insanely good.  The highest ever was 61.7mpg, the lowest was 39.8 and i frequently average 45-49mpg to work or on weekend trips.

Here is a picture of when I bought the car.  

And of course after 1 year of slight modifications.

And the latest set of wheels (summer only)


And ofcourse my Catera in winter mode with the snow tires on.

and in summer trim.


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