Washed CAT!

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Washed CAT! Empty Washed CAT!

Post by CateraMV6 on 6/23/2010, 12:59

So yesterday it was nice and sunny 90deg weather so I gave her a good clean inside and out and after that I snapped 2-3 pictures with my phone.

Notice how much the springs have settled... I think I have gained another 1/2" maybe. Either way it looks good but you have to be careful everywhere you go because the front will scrape....

Washed CAT! 36197_523777798469_53800591_30987697_5269263_n
Washed CAT! 36197_523777823419_53800591_30987698_4002681_n

Washed CAT! 36197_523777843379_53800591_30987700_2395009_n
Washed CAT! 36197_523777863339_53800591_30987701_795220_n

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Washed CAT! Empty Re: Washed CAT!

Post by Matera97 on 6/23/2010, 15:01

Darnit, can't see the pics on the comp I'm on.

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