DIY: How to remove the V6 Plenum.

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DIY: How to remove the V6 Plenum.

Post by Admin on 2/27/2010, 00:55

Plenum removal:

You will firstly need to remove the bagpipes - the two black plastic inlet pipes at the front. These are done by loosening the jubilee type clips top and bottom, plus the one on the side of the right inlet that joins the smaller rubber pipe.

Next, undo and remove the two small torx bolts on the passenger side of the top of the plenum. An 8mm spanner works well. this releases the cable tray mountings to the passenger side.

Now undo the rubber pipe that goes to the Idle Control Valve on the side of the plenum. Just undo the big jubilee clip and slide the pipe off. Then unplug the electrical connector to the ICV.

Then undo the 19mm nut that secures the Servo pipe to the passenger side. Sometimes the servo pipe is fastened to the drivers side rear corner of the plenum with a plastic clip as well.

Next, the two small water tubes to the throttle housing. One each side. Just sqeeze the clip with pliers and slide tubes off. Keep them both above the header tank height if possible, or plug the end with a suitable bolt. (otherwise they just get everything wet!)

The 4 rubber breather tubes at the back of the plenum need to be slid off. The two bigger ones usually have clips that need undoing first. Be careful not to drop the clips behind the engine!

Now, unplug the EGR valve. Leave it connected to the plenum and undo the small securing torx bolt on the mounting plate near the exhaust manifold, also the large brass nut that unions the EGR to the flexi pipe. Use the handle of a mallet to tap the flexipipe free once the nut is completely undone.

Nearly there!!!

If you want to work on the plenum itself, you will want to remove the throttle cable (and cruise cable if fitted), otherwise you will be able to turn the plenum upside down in situ.

So, to remove the throttle cable, firstly you need to see the tiny question mark shaped clip around the ball of the cable end. Slip the circlip shaped end off and turn it, then you can pull the pin length out of the ball itself - if that makes sense. Now, the ball sometimes comes away from the socket easily, but ofetn not and sometimes not a chance! There is a small clip inside the socket cup that resists taking the cable off, just be gentle with it. Once off, you can renmove the circlip that secures the cruise cable and slide that cable off too. Now, back to the throttle cable. Follow it back to the bracket and you will see a big brassy circlip. Pull that off, and slide the cable back to get it pushed mostly through the hole, then you can access the two E10 size mounting torx bolts for the bracket to plenum.

That all done, you are nearly finished.

Undo the 4 big torx bolts on the pleum and remove the bolts. Have a roll of kitchen roll handy. CAREFULLY ease the pleum UP about 1/2 inch, then forward about 3 inches and STOP!!!!!

Now you can access the last bits. Unplug the electrical connector on the back passenger side of the plenum, on the multiram. Also CAREFULLY prise the semi circle shaped u-bend rubber from the multiram vacuum pipe, being careful NOT to break the connector or anything else by prising agaisnt it.

Now the plenum is free and you can lift it clear.

IMMEDIATELY take 6 sheets of towel and plug the 6 inlet holes to prevent anything getting in there.

Check all 6 black rubber 'O' rings are still on the inlet manifold, otherwise check the bottom of the plenum. If any are missing, find them. Remove the paper towel one by one if needed and look into the inlet manifold with a torch - you can't miss something as big as those 'o' rings!

There you go. Job done and nothing broken. Easy huh? Takes about 5 minutes with practice.


Before you do everything up again, remember the plenum is aluminium and will strip threads easily, so go easy on the white knuckle syndrome. use a torque wrench!!!

V6 Plenum Removal.

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