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HID Madness... Empty HID Madness...

Post by Admin on 4/16/2009, 21:57

This is my latest project, I got some new headlights from europe thanks to 'turbomega' with the Euro Reflector and city light, the quality is much much higher then that of the US headlights.

I swapped my RX projectors with some new Cutoff Shields, It took me a good 8hrs of trying to get them to a decent level, I kept trying to bring up that hidden light from the projector but as soon as you lower the shield the center cutoff gets distorted... so I had to make a shield that had a high center point and then sloped down on both sides, but it worked well...

The ballasts are DDM 55W, and the bulbs are DL50s, lenses are E30, and custom shields based on JVX patterns. .


(pics are straight from the camera, I think ISO was set at 200)

HID Madness... DSC02465
HID Madness... DSC02477
HID Madness... DSC02493
HID Madness... DSC02479
HID Madness... DSC02487
HID Madness... DSC02481
HID Madness... DSC02484
HID Madness... DSC02488

2K1 Cadillac Catera SPORT L81-3.0L 24V6 Euro Conversion
2K1 Dodge Neon ACR 2.0L 16V


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HID Madness... Empty Re: HID Madness...

Post by ARMY_MP_From_MO on 4/17/2009, 19:18

You are a HID nut! Looks good!

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