Get GTO Upgrades For Your Catera - Cheap!

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Get GTO Upgrades For Your Catera - Cheap!

Post by elvin315 on 6/19/2008, 12:29

Are you a member of the Catera Community?

Do you think you could find someone that wants to try some upgrades? I'd like to get one in and see for myself what fits and what doesn't. I would offer a discount to the person that decided to bring the car in.


I received this PM from Rob @ Wretched Motorsports in Westfield MA. He is offering a discount to an owner who will lend him a Catera to which he will try fitting GTO suspension upgrades from Pedders. I don't know how much the discount will be. That's up to you and Rob. If I lived closer I'd do it. This is a great opportunity to get rid of those crappy rubber suspension bushings and replace them with polyurethane ones. Rob might even find a polyurethane substitute for the front suspension's rear/vertical lower control arm bushing. Performance struts & shocks, lowering springs, camber kits, anti-sway bar bushings, plus all the assorted mounts & pads, and who knows what else. If you want a Catera Super Sport this is for you.


PS: I have no connection to Wretched Motorsports other than being a member of the forum. Please don't contact me. I'm only passing info.

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Re: Get GTO Upgrades For Your Catera - Cheap!

Post by ARMY_MP_From_MO on 6/19/2008, 18:07

Oh, how I wish I was closer than a thousand miles away. I'd make a thousand mile trip for a deal on upgrades!

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