Conti extreme contact treadwear and durability

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Conti extreme contact treadwear and durability Empty Conti extreme contact treadwear and durability

Post by szaeske on 6/9/2008, 12:30

Looking for new tires right now for my '97. I am really looking hard at the Michelin Pilot Exaltos, but have seen many people in many places recommend the Contis. Has anyone gone through a set of the contis yet, and if so how long did they last. I don't have a sport, so i don't really need a ultra high performance all season, but they are priced very reasonably. If people have gotten decent wear out of them, then i may go with them just for cost effectiveness. Looks like about 90 bucks for the contis on tirerack and about 125 for the michelins.



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Conti extreme contact treadwear and durability Empty Re: Conti extreme contact treadwear and durability

Post by Admin on 7/18/2009, 00:15

I have the Continental ContiExtremeContacts on my car and I love them, thats one of those tires that moves through anything you throw at it.

I like it in the snow, it has above average grip, then in the wet the tread pattern is perfect for eliminating any hydroplaning and in the dry they are simply amazing.

THe Cateras do wear them out rather quickly but I havehad mine for maybe 20K miles on them and they are about half life...

I had another pair on my Neon and those lasted me about the same 40K total... but I do drivea gressively so...

I think its a greaat tire and I konw you will love it too.

I have had Pirellis and Michelins in the past but I never liked them as much as the Contis...

Good Luck on your choice!

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