*STICKY* OPEL INSIGNIA (Omega Replacement)

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*STICKY* OPEL INSIGNIA (Omega Replacement)

Post by Admin on 5/20/2008, 16:46

Here is the long awaited OMEGA replacement

2K1 Cadillac Catera SPORT L81-3.0L 24V6 Euro Conversion
2K1 Dodge Neon ACR 2.0L 16V


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Re: *STICKY* OPEL INSIGNIA (Omega Replacement)

Post by elvin315 on 5/23/2008, 19:51

Billed as a Vectra replacement, its an AWD sedan. It'll come here as a 2011 Pontiac G6 and the 2012 Chevy Malibu. Rumor is we'll also see it as the 2010 Buick LaCrosse and the 2010 Saab 9-3. Expect a Saturn version too. Bob Lutz is globalizing GM in a big way. Too bad US designed and built GM vehicles, except for Corvettes, Cadillacs, and trucks, don't seem good enough to compete on the world market.

I think the Insignia looks horrible. Too busy, and the sloped rear roof looks to low to provide enough headroom for adult passengers. I prefer the cleaner look of past German cars. Now they all look like Bizarro Japanese nightmares. Accents and contours for no reason.

German cars used to be Function over Form. Now they're all show. You used to be able to tell a BMW or MB from any angle. Now they may as well be Hyundais. Me, I'll take an older, uglier, mid-2K BMW. Even a 2005 Audi looks better to me than the latest crop from Munich and Stuttgart. I think I'll wait for the rumored Chevy Impala.

2009 Opel Insignia - Opel playing catch-up and going too far.

2012 BMW 3-series - They should be shot for doing this to a BMW. Hope it's toned down before production.

2008 Mercedes Benz C-Class - Better than the rest of the new wave but still too Japanese. It just doesn't look like a Benz.

2009 Hyundai Genesis - Perfect if you like Japanese styling. Actually preferable to the Germans.

2005 BMW 325i - Not cutting edge but still very attractive. It looks like a BMW.

2005 Audi A4 Quattro - Kind of plain but better looking than the latest German fare.

2010 Chevrolet Impala SS - This is what I'd buy. I found pictures of a 2008 Holden Commodore Omega, badged as a Chevrolet Impala SS, destined for Saudi Arabia and other overseas markets. I prefer it over the Pontiac G8. Same car, different trim. I like its looks much better. No split grill, no hood scoop, and less chrome. I'll wait and see how the G8 does in terms of reliability and buy an Impala SS in 2010.



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Re: *STICKY* OPEL INSIGNIA (Omega Replacement)

Post by skruntie on 5/24/2008, 08:35

I just looked up the Impala SS

Nice looking car and saw they did an LS version.

Down side for me is there is no mention of the drive train that I could find, and the only clue was a pic of a red car with what looks like a front wheel drive engine layout.


May be wrong and hope I am but for a n Omega / Catera replacemrnt surely it's gotta be RWD

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Re: *STICKY* OPEL INSIGNIA (Omega Replacement)

Post by yomincarr on 2/9/2010, 23:48

it looks nice, and definately has a little malibu in it...im guessing we wont see it in all its forms here. too bad pontiac and saturn got the ax...i think all car fans shed a tear that day :-(

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Re: *STICKY* OPEL INSIGNIA (Omega Replacement)

Post by Matera97 on 3/1/2010, 19:17

I know this is an older post, but I guess its no longer a mystery that the Insignia is coming to North America as the 2010 Buick Regal... Now I heard a nasty rumor that we will not be getting the V6 with the manual transmission. If this is the case I'm ordering my from across the pond. Along with the OPC brembo brakes lol....Real brembos, no stickers!

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Re: *STICKY* OPEL INSIGNIA (Omega Replacement)

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