Vented Rear Rotors

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Vented Rear Rotors Empty Vented Rear Rotors

Post by c0op3r on 5/17/2011, 21:14

I have a question, on my 2000 Catera, can I install the vent rear rotors without having to change the calipers?

I have not pulled my wheels off to see if mine are vented but I have to assume that they are not from everything I have read.

I am working on assembling a Brake upgrade kit and do all the work at one time:

04 GTO Front Calipers w/ GTO pads (not going to go to the unsecured Vet ones)
New Drill and/or Slotted Front Rotors
New Vented Rear (hopefully) Drilled and/or Slotted Rotors w/ Semi Metallic Pads

Paint the assemblies black.

I cant see going with the Ceramic like everyone seems so hot on right now, my understanding on them is they don't work as well unless you get them hot, and to tell you the truth I don't drive my car that spirited, but want the brakes to look good for the pending wheel/tire upgrade.




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Vented Rear Rotors Empty Re: Vented Rear Rotors

Post by yomincarr on 5/18/2011, 16:20

from my personal experience with Autozone's semi metallics, they are loud and very dusty...both of which the high level ceramics aren't...if nothing more i would go with ceramics just keep those nice wheels looking clean.

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Vented Rear Rotors Empty Re: Vented Rear Rotors

Post by elvin315 on 3/8/2014, 18:39

This might be late for you but it might help someone else.

The idea that ceramic pads need heat to perform is true. They produce less dust which is of a less sticky variety so the wheels stay cleaner longer. They're also quieter than other types but increased stopping distances is a hell of a price to pay. They do wear less thus last longer but they also cost more.

As for the Corvette pads, being larger they apply the braking pressure over a bigger disc area dissipating the heat thus reducing fade. And, contrary to rumor, they usually include the shims and necessary clips to secure them.

Lastly, the rear vented discs are thicker than the solid variety and require the fitment of wider calipers. The vented discs and wide mouth calipers are available from OEM and aftermarket sources.

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Vented Rear Rotors Empty Re: Vented Rear Rotors

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