Not a Catera but a recent project I did...

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Not a Catera but a recent project I did...

Post by CateraMV6 on 12/23/2010, 18:03

Well long story short the car has 80,000mi its a 2001 and has the 31TH gearbox...
Due to an issue with the torque converter at 30K the dealer had to remove it 3 times rebuild it twice until they figured out that it was a wiring issue...
Since then the car was never the same... had bumpy shifts etc... well recently the radiator broke and all the water got shoved in the gearbox through the coolant lines... no external leak... so with that I flushed the trans 4 times and never got the fluid to look like new... it was always milky colored even after the 4th fluid swap.

So with that something inside finally gave, car lost 2nd gear... I readjusted the kick-down band and it came back but shortly after it started to make grinding noises and upon the 5th flush I saw a lot of shavings and bits of clutches in the oil pan so it was done...

With that came ebay and my new gear box which cost me 250$ and its from a 1995 Neon which actually has 3.24 final drive rather then the stock 2.89 or 2.98 whichever it was. It also came from a DOHC engine. So its a new stock not rebuild...

Remove and reinstall took 3 hours... and I am happy with the results ..

Here are some pictures.

... car drives like new except its much faster...


And the new one...

And my current daily driver...

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Re: Not a Catera but a recent project I did...

Post by MalterKoma on 5/21/2011, 08:27

Hi, from Europe, Hungary


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