Spare Car Upgrade: Its a RAV4, now with HIDs.

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Spare Car Upgrade: Its a RAV4, now with HIDs.

Post by CateraMV6 on 6/3/2010, 02:55

The car is an older generation it had the old prizm type lenses and the output was very poor, good light distribution but very very dim!

So as a result I came across a pair of newer 1998-2000 style headlamps and was about to install them but you know I how i am I have to have them custom, so I decided to paint the trim on the reflector.

Then I had some old bulbs 4300k 9006 I think so I dropped those in and the results are amazing, quite awesome. Output is quite sharp no glare thanks to the glass lens so I am happy.

Here are some pictures of the paint process...

Here are before and after pictures.



The idea came from my other car where the trim is also painted black.

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Re: Spare Car Upgrade: Its a RAV4, now with HIDs.

Post by Matera97 on 6/9/2010, 14:34

Is this another vehicle you own? What's that 4 now? lol

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