How to make your own aftermarket cold/ram air intake

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How to make your own aftermarket cold/ram air intake

Post by texanwitharake on 5/11/2008, 00:15

allright here we go how to make an intake.

parts list:
3 clamps (6.00)
flexable pipe (15.00)
3' to 3' coupler
3' to 2.5' coupler
you cone filter of choice

first thing your going to do is pull that old airbox out to do this loosen the clamp that holds the clamp to the lid of the box. un screw the top of the box and place it off to the side. after getting the top off remove the filter and toss it away. you will see a almost fabric tube down in the box pull that out. after you get the tube out you will be able to remove the bottom part of the air box, it might not come out easily but just give it a good tug it is connected to both the fender and also the bottom of the engine bay. so it might take some fanagling to get it out.

once you get it out its time to move to the pipe located in the front of the radiator behind the grille. you can take this off by removing the screw located above the pipe. i belive that it is a T12 torx bit. after getting out the pipe it is time to run your new intake.

connect one side of the flexable pipe to the intake bend connected to the MAF.

run the flexable pipe down throught the path the old intake ran. once ran to the end of the flex pipe connect the 3' to 3" coupler and clamp to hold them together.

to the other end of the coupler connect the 3' to 2.5' coupler(the second coupler adds the length needed to have the filter clear the mechanism so the hood will still function). to the end of the 2.5 coupler place your filter and tighten down. if needed zip tie the pipe to the fan housing so that it dosent move around. your finished product should look like this:

ill get some more pictures up tommarow


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Re: How to make your own aftermarket cold/ram air intake

Post by CateraMV6 on 3/8/2010, 23:19

Thats an interesting upgrade...

I think we need to figure out how to insulate the pipes after the MAF, as those heat like crazy from the radiator..

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