HOW TO: Back UP Sensor SYSTEM Install w/PICs

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HOW TO: Back UP Sensor SYSTEM Install w/PICs

Post by CateraMV6 on 3/11/2010, 12:35

This is a short how to for rear back up system install.

The parts and tools needed are:

Screw Drivers
Cordless drill
2hrs free time
Torx set
Wire connectors

The unit was purchased from ebay. It cost me around 40$ shipped to my door. Took over a month to deliver.

Consist of a ECU... 4 sensors, 1 LED display.

REMOVAL of bumper.

There are 4 screws on top of the bumper under the trunk lid.
Remove those with torx set.
Remove 4 clips on bottom with a screw driver.
Remove 2(per side) Screws that hold the sides of the bumper.

Once the bumper is removed mark your locations, and use the included hole saw to drill the holes.

After that mount the sensors and run your wires.

Reattach the bumper and continue on to the wiring.

Route all wires to the trunk area somewhere, where you can hide the unit and the wires.

Follow the wire loop from the rear lid, it merges to the main harness behind hte driver side tail light.
Find the white/black wire and test it for (+) signal when the reverse gear is engaged.

Then wire the red wire from the unit to this location. Ground the black wire.

Plug all connections and test the system.

Once the system is operable you can hide all wires, and complete your installation.

I chose the dash board for the LED display.


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