DIY: Repair your Alternator:

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DIY: Repair your Alternator: Empty DIY: Repair your Alternator:

Post by Admin on 2/27/2010, 00:59

Repairing the Alternator

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DIY: Repair your Alternator: Empty alternator help!

Post by yomincarr on 8/15/2011, 15:26

please help! I just spent 2 hours at a junkyard trying to remove the alternator from a 97 and i couldnt get it off. I had to take pretty much the entire side apart and still couldnt get it out. Heres where Im at: so far i took out both of the mounting bolts which were a pain in the A** and took the tensioner pulley off. I took the tensioner bolt loose but it wont budge but that shouldnt matter, the alternator wont even move at all! what am i missing? I got the 2 mounting bolts but i dont feel or see anything else that could be keeping it in place. I have the service manual but i dont even see it in there. Anyone have any idea what could be going on? i kinda need a better view up there. if its this much trouble ill just by a new one and take it to a shop.

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