WARNING: Do not use Premium Guard Oil Filters:

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WARNING: Do not use Premium Guard Oil Filters:

Post by Admin on 1/5/2010, 10:34

I am a proud owner of a 2001 Catera Sport.

Had the car since 59,000mi with regular 5k oil changes and I used WIX filters for the longes time.

Then they got more expensive and I took a look around, finding a Premium Guard filters on ebay selling for 50$/case (12pc) so for 58$ total I had enough filters to last me 60K miles...

One thing that was disturbing to me was the fact that every time I removed my oil filter I found it kind of smashed... twisted, which made me worried that the thing wasn't doing its job.

I just removed the very last filter that I had, and same old deal, nicely smashed.
I did verify that the filter fits in the housing correctly, and I did torque it to specs, after that removed and inspected it, with no negative results.

It appears that after you install the filter and it gets soaked with oil, it then softens and the oil pressure deforms it, pushing it out of the way and sptiting oil past the side of it, thus not filtering it.

So as a word of warning stay away form these pieces of garbage...
Premium Guard:

Not sure about the FRAM CH8806 < but at 9$ I wont be giving it a shot any time soon.

Instead buy WIX 57033 filters, those run without problems in my car, they also cost around $4.30 at rockauto or NAPA.

Here are the pictures of the filters side by side, I also noticed that the wix has more media fins and its more sturdy when you attempt to twist it, or push against it.

Wix (L), PG (R)

Wix (L), PG (R) < Last two oil changes...

Those two filters were replaced as follows, the on the very right was replaced at 3000k, and the one next to the new WIX was replaced at 2500k...

Latest oil change.
5qt Mobil 1 HM Non-Energy Conserving(10W-30)
1qt HDMO Rotella T (15W-40)
6oz. MMO

I refuse to put anything that says Energy Conserving in my Oil.

2K1 Cadillac Catera SPORT L81-3.0L 24V6 Euro Conversion
2K1 Dodge Neon ACR 2.0L 16V


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Re: WARNING: Do not use Premium Guard Oil Filters:

Post by CateraMV6 on 11/18/2010, 20:37

My summer oil is usually 10W-40 M1 High millage, sometimes mixed with a quart of Shell Rotella T 15W40...

Winter mix is 5W-40 or 10W-40 depending on what I find... but the engine has no problem starting even in the coldest weather.

My car also just turned 155K in October 2010

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