Bluetooth and iPod controller from ALPINE

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Bluetooth and iPod controller from ALPINE

Post by Admin on 11/24/2009, 01:20


Alpine EX-10
MSRP 200$


Picked it up last week from the web... and just got around to installing it.

The unit sells for around $200 but you can find it for way less if you dig around.

Offers iPod Control and Bluetooth connectivity that can be played through your car speaker system.

Here are a few pictures of what the unit looks like.


The unit has roughly 6 wires for installation a 2" display and a separate control box to make all the connections.

I installed mine using the Aux OUT option which plugs into my OEM Radio and allows the unit to play music/voice through the radio. It can also be installed using a BT Antenna which would play sound through your radio.

For the installation I chose to tuck it away at the left side of my IP as that appears to be the simplest spot and seems to have proper dimensions for the unit to tuck in and look just right.
I had to take a spray can top and cut it to the shape of my dash and then fill it up with hot clue to give it some weight, then simply double side tape-ed it to the dash itself.
The above mode gave me a good mounting base and a proper viewing angle.
All wiring is routed to the bottom of the passenger seat.
The microphone is installed next to the ONstar buttons above the center rear-view mirror.


First impressions:

The unit looks great and seems to display just the right amount of information when connected to the iPod. Its also very quick when it comes to scrolling through the iPod song lists.

Call clarity is by far the best I have ever had with any Bluetooth device, the aux microphone really helps improve the voice quality for the people on the other line.
The fact that the unit uses the factory speakers for voice output means that you can get the best sound (give that the call quality is good) and in many cases the device makes it seem as if the person you are calling is in the car with you.

It also does a fantastic job of cancelling out the echo and external noises form the road and the vehicle itself.

I will be testing it out again on a long trip this upcoming weekend so I will upgrade this review at that time.

Check back for some more daytime pictures.

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